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Mensaje 4 (Chadwin, Moore, Swamp Thing y los Mitos Chilotes)

From Tue Dec 3 09:49:44 1996
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 1996 19:25:30 -0800
From: Spike <>
Subject: Re: SPIKE, Bruce Chatwin, Chiloe Myths

Hi Walter,

thanks for writing - your mail was very interesti g. I shall ask the guy who wrote the Bruce Chatwin article about the Chile myths. I also have a freind who is an expert on Alan Moore, so I will ask him too.

I have heard many wonderful things about Chile. Earlier this year I spent a month in Colombia, visiting the Amazon, San Agustin, Bogota and Cartegena - it was truly amazing! One day I hope to explore more of South America.

I will contact you as soon as I have some information about Bruce Chatwin, Alan Moore and the Chiloe Myths.

Best wishes and good luck with your search!

Editor, SPIKE wrote:
> Hello, my name is Walter Velasquez, I'm from Chile and I'm Acoustics
> Engineer.
> I'm making a Page about Chiloe Myths (Chiloe is a Island from southern
> Chile).
> A man came into my Web looking for "La Voladora" and "El Invunche".
> I comunicated with me and later I comunicated with him.
> I asked him how he knows about these myths, and he said that he knows
> about them by Alan Moore.
> Alan Moore write the comic "Swamp Thing", and in the issues 45-50 of
> this comic-book he talked about "La Voladora" and "El Invunche".
> I asked my cyber-friend how Alan Moore knows about these Myths.
> He said that maybe by BRUCE CHADWIN in his book "In Patagonia".
> I been surfing in the WWW looking for information about A.Moore, Swamp
> Thing, and now about Chadwin.
> And now I came into your WWW.
> Really Chadwin talk about these myths on "In Patagonia"?
> How he knoewed about them ?
> Do U ever heard something like this ?
> Thank a lot for read my message, and forget my bad English, because that
> is not my "Lengua Madre". I speak "Castellano" (Spanish).
> If U want to know about some Chiloe Myths U can go to the URL :
> This is the English Version.
> Walter Velasquez

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