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Mensaje 7 (Chadwin, Moore, Swamp Thing y los Mitos Chilotes)

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> > Hi Walter, I'm very sorry but I thought I sent this to you weeks
> ago: I've just found it on a floppy!?
> Ihope it's still of use to you.
> Once again, very sorry
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> Hello Walter, it's me again. Enclosed is the reference for the
> Chatwin Book. I don't know if it has been published in Spanish, or
> if you have a large enough interest to read it in English, but I
> personally think his work is very good. I'm sure you would already
> have that opinion if you have read my article in SPIKE. Anyway I
> have also typed out a few interesting quotes and attempted a brief
> summary of the rest to give you some idea of what he has covered.
> you want any more info. let me know, and I'll try and help if I
> Also, do let me know how your page goes - so far it's looking
> Yours
> Nicholas Clapson.


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Bruce Chatwin "In Patagonia" Picador Books. 1977 pp102-105

Whilst visiting the area surrounding Chiloe Chatwin interviews people about the 'myth' of the Brujeria sect of male witches. These are dismissed by several men he met, but solemnly discussed by others. This is what they have to say. (From here on the quotes are Chatwin's, the summary is mine.)

The Brujeria "exists for the purpose of hurting ordinary people. No one know the exact whereabouts of its headquarters. But there are at least two branches of its Central Committee, one in Buenos Aires, the other in Santiago de Chile." There are many other regional committees.

"On Chiloe the committee is known as the Council of the Cave. The cave lies somewhere in the forests south of Quincavi, somewhere below ground. Any visitor to it suffers thereafter from a temporary amnesia. If he happens to be literate, he loses his hands and the ability to write."

A novice to the sect has to undergo a six year indoctrination. Once he is ready to join the group proper he has to undergo a series of tests. The first is to "submerge himself for forty days and nights under the waterfall of the Thraiguen River, to wash off the effects of his Christian baptisms." Next, kill his best friend - indicate lack of sentiment. Then, sign a document with his own blood. Also he must dig up a corpse and flay it of the skin of it's breast and sew them into to pockets for his coat (these have a phosphorescence and glow at night.)

"Full members have the power to steal private property; to change themselves into other animals; to influence thoughts and dreams; to open doors; to drive men mad; to change the course of rivers; and to spread disease......"

Tools available to the sect include the Challanco, a crystal stone which can show a man's life. No accurate description of this object exists.

Women are not allowed into the sect, only able to be used as messengers, once having undergone similar trials to the men. These are called Voladora. She is able to vomit up her intestines, and then grow wings and fly. Before dawn she returns to re-digest her insides. The sect has it's own ship, the Caleuche. "She has the advantage over other vessels in that she can sail into the eye of the wind, and even submerge beneath the surface of the water. She is painted white. Her spars are lit with innumerable coloured lights and from her decks stream the sounds of intoxicating music." It carries cargo for the members of the sect.

"The most singular creature associated with the sect is the Invunche or guardian of the cave, a human being perverted into a monster by a special scientific process."

The boy chosen for this has his arms and legs dislocated and re-set. Slowly, over a long period of time the head is twisted so the Invunche's head is completely reversed. On a full moon the boys right arm is inserted into an incision that has been made on it's back, and sewn up. This now immobile creature is fed on human flesh.


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